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Our wish is to create a community of learners where everyone, teachers and students, are committed to not only gaining knowledge and new experiences but also understanding how we can live together in a challenging environment.

We at HiGA are very committed to being an inclusive and diverse community, where everyone’s strengths are recognized and everyone’s voice has a place. We are firmly rooted in a Japanese environment, with a traditional approach to teaching and learning. However, at HiGA we are excited to extend beyond the traditional classroom into an environment of open inuiry and project-based learning.

Our aims are high. However, it all starts with one step at a time as all great journeys do. Currently, our teachers and leadership team are working very hard to create the ideal learning environment for young people to be a success. Central to all their work is the idea that we are a learning community. This includes the local community, parents, students and school staff working together to create a positve impact on society for the future.

Everyone has their own story, everyone is excited by the challenge and everyone is committed to the success of leading young people through the formative years of their life. We believe everyone's voice is valuable in helping to share our ideals of building a peacful and sustainable future.

We are HiGA, a learning community. Let's create it together!


To be a global leader in building peace with the power of "learning".


To foster leaders who create in their community "a better future" for peace and sustainable development.
To be an excellent model in "learning innovation".


To be a learning community whose global vision is rooted in local context.

Competencies framework

Deep Understanding
Deep understanding of knowledge and skills applicable to various scenarios

Creative, Critical, Thinking
Creative, objective and thinking ability creating new values

Ability to cooperate with people from different cultures and with differing values

Ability and strength to see things through to accomplish targets

Strong linguistic ability enabling discussion and cooperation in both Japanese and English


Toshihiro Nakamasu

Vice Principal

Miki Oshima

Vice Principal

Advisory board members

International advisors

Caroline Kennedy
Director, The Boeing Company
Victor ​chu
Chairman & CEO at First Eastern Investment Group
Yuichiro Anzai
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Chairman
Kazunari Uchida
Waseda University School of Commerce Academy Professor
Kenzo Oshima
AFRICA Society Chairman
Fumio Kishida
Member of the House of Representatives Chairperson
Masahisa Fujita
Kyoto University Adjunct Professor

Expert advisors

Maya Soetoro-Ng
Associate Specialist, University of Hawaii Manoa's Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace & Conflict Resolution
Namji Steinemann
Director, Asia Pacific Education Program for schools(APEPS), East-West Center
Toru Ohno
Ohno Group President and CEO
Shigeya Kato
Mihoko Kumamoto
UNITAR Hiroshima Office Head
Takumi Sato
Sun-S Co., Ltd President
Kan Suzuki
Keio University Associate Professor
Yukio Yanagisawa
Kaisei Academy Principal
Takaaki Yamamoto
DreamArts Corporation President and CEO
Nana Watanabe
Ashoka Japan Founder and Chairperson

Academic advisors

Kiyomi Akita
The University of Tokyo Faculty of Education, Graduate School of Education Dean
Katsumi Arase
Otani University Professor
Mutsumi Imai
Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies Professor
Yumiko Kasai
Tsurumi University Professor
Rikei Kato
Classi Corp. Representative Executive Vice President
Shunpei Komura
Executive Director Japan Innovative Schools Network supported by OECD
Masaki Sakakoshi
Hiroshima University Professor
Taiju Suzuki
Global Incubation × Fostering Talents Senior Diversity Facilitator
Manabu Tamura
Kokugakuin University Professor
Minami Tsubouchi
Executive Director, Global Fund for Education Assistance Global Fund for Education Assistance
Ikuko Tsuboya Newell
Tokyo International School Chair
Hiromi Nagao
Ippei Nango
Futaba Mirai Gakuen Junior and Senior High School Vice Principal
Kanae Nishioka
Kyoto University Graduate School of Education, and Faculty of Education Professor
Masanori Fujii
Benesse Corporation General Manager
Chikara Funabashi
Tobitate! Study Abroad Initiative Project Director
Hiroyuki Masukawa
University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo Professor
Narumi Yoshikawa
Prefectural University of Hiroshima Associate Professor
David P.Janes
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University Chair of the Board & Treasurer Senior Advisor
Dennis Stanworth
Yokohama International School Former Principal


CAn & Kazuhide Doi Architects Community

We designed the school building through collaboration of the two different offices.
- CAn's work, especially school building, is judged highly at home and overseas. The main prizes this office won is the Architectural Institute of Japan's Annual Prize and many others.
- Kazuhide Doi Architects is based in Hiroshima. The main prizes this office won is Good Design Award and many more.

School building design


Our head office is in Hiroshima. We are a consulting farm and a thinktank.
Our slogan is ""Let's create a future"" and our staff tackle Japan's revitalization, regional revival and ASEAN symbiosis. We are positively working on the education and human resource development because we think it is a main theme to create the sustainablity.

ICT consulting


CINRA is a multilingual creative agency based in Tokyo and Singapore. We are the go-to information hub for creative culture in Japan. Our brands, agency services and global talent will help you meet all your bicultural communications needs.

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