School Life



Spacious Campus Cultivate Intellectual Curiosity and Sensitivity

Classroom building

A collaborative activity space perfect for discussion and free exchange of diverse opinions.

FLA (Flexible Learning Area)

F.L.A. is a flexible multi-purpose activity space that pupils pass through when moving to a different classroom.

Learning gallery

A symbol of the school, the learning gallery is a place of recreation where pupils can chat between classes.


Both a place where pupils can create new values through diverse exchange and a fountain of innovation.

Cafe thorium

Spacious hall that holds concerts and musicals, and is also used as a dining place.

Playing field

Expansive sports area adjacent to the shore line. Equipped with three tennis courts and one tennis court.

Staff room / office

Multinational staff are resident. Warm support for students’ school life.

For details, please see the school introduction video. (Student work)



Warm space to live at ease

Dormitory house

Maisonette-type comfortable living space to share with friends of all ages and nationalities.

Living room

The open living room allows free-and-easy social interaction with other unit members.

Private room

The dormitory has private and two-people rooms, and each room is equipped with a bed and a space for studying in comfort.

Bathroom and private shower rooms

Dormitories are equipped with a spacious bathroom and private shower rooms.

Laundry lounge

Pupils can also wash and dry their laundry in the laundry lounge, which is also a good place to strike up conversations with others.

For details, please see the dormitory introduction video. (Student work)

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