Junior high school High school
Tuition No compensation 9,900 yen per month
Expenses 18,000 yen per month
Dormitory fee 37,000 yen per month(Includes food expenses of about 30,000 yen)

※Junior high school tuition is free. As for high school tuition, students in households with less than a certain amount of income will be paid an amount equivalent to the tuition as a high school enrollment support fund.
※Expenses include educational activity expenses (teaching materials, English-related external examination fees, PC purchase fees, learning-related online platform usage fees, etc.) and equipment usage fees (air-conditioning fees, etc.).
※Dormitory fees include food, utilities, common service, and activities.
※Expenses and dormitory fees are estimated and subject to change in the future.
【Other expenses】
・High school entrance fee (5,650 yen)
・School supplies expenses (musical instruments, graphing calculators, etc.)
・Transportation expenses related to learning activities such as project learning (including overseas)
※We will inform you about the specific amount of school supplies at the information session for prospective students.
※The specific amount of transportation expenses, etc. related to learning activities such as project learning depends on the content of the learning activities decided by the students.

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