We began a new tutoring system and comment box called "Your voice"!

●Tutor system
We started new tutoring system on Thursday, October 3 for the purpose of confirming it, and supporting the living conditions of the students and their learning situation. We utilized taking a lunch break rest and time after school, and an interview was carried out. In the staff room and in the cafeteria, in corridor of learning, we will meet once a week to make dormitory life and school life more fullfilling with a teacher in charge from now on.
●”Your voice”
We established “Your voice” which was established before in the dormitory and now is going to be used in the classroom from Friday, October 4. We selected the voices of the students by a variety of methods and we shared affirmative opinions such as, ○○ which I am troubled, and reduce stress in their lives in school and the dormitory. We were glad to make time together with an aim.

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