We are a learning community
with global vision
rooted in local context

Everyone has their own story, everyone is excited by the challenge and everyone is committed to the success of leading young people through the formative years of their life. We believe everyone's voice is valuable in helping to share our ideals of building a peacful and sustainable future.Our aims are high. However, it all starts with one step at a time as all great journeys do. Currently, our teachers and leadership team are working very hard to create the ideal learning environment for young people to be a success. Central to all their work is the idea that we are a learning community. This includes the local community, parents, students and school staff working together to create a positve impact on society for the future.

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About School open day. Reception has been closed.

About School open day. Reception has been closed.

School library workshop

School library workshop

Hiroshima Global Academy〔HiGA〕

Hiroshima Global Academy〔HiGA〕



While attempting to address actual social issues, pupils will gain the skills needed to operate in various fields in the future.Moving away from tests and their limited right or wrong answers, learning here focuses more on projects, which contain both failures and successes. Failure is a valuable trigger of growth and this school does not practice overprotective education, which prevents pupils from learning from their failures.

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We come together around a shared purpose, to foster leaders who create in their community " a better future" for peace and sustainable development. Why don't you join our team?