Principal Message

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Thank you very much for visiting Hiroshima Global Academy’s website.

Our school is an integrated junior and senior high school with a dormitory system that opened in April 2019. Our vision is to “foster leaders who can create a ‘better future’ for the region and the world.  This year we welcome our first cohort of high school students whose aim will be to create a more peaceful and sustainable society.

One of the characteristics of our school is that we promote inquiry-based learning using the IB’s educational program as our primary tool. We are currently practicing this approach as an accredited school for the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP).

Our students come from all over Japan, from Hiroshima Prefecture to Hokkaido in the north and Okinawa in the south. In addition, from April of this year, we will welcome new international students from Mexico, Uganda, India, Ghana, the United States, the Philippines, and Australia, creating a more diverse learning environment that is unparalleled among public schools in Japan.

In our learning environment, students, faculty and staff will work together to form a learning community that values both a global perspective and a spirit grounded in the community of Osakikamijima. We aim to promote a community where students can develop the agency to go out into the world and face any challenge that they meet.

Another feature of our school is the dormitory life, which has been supporting the students’ moral and physical development. The faculty and staff of the dormitory will continue to work together to make the dormitory a place where students can live and learn about each other’s cultures and belief systems. High school students from the upper grades will support each other beyond the barriers of grade and culture.

We will continue to develop leaders who can survive in a rapidly changing and unpredictable society. Our goal is to create a “better future” for the community and society, through inquiry-based learning using the IB, which supports learning, and dormitory life. We will continue to support our students and ask for your continued understanding, support and cooperation in our educational activities.

Lastly, the situation resulting from the coronavirus remains delicate and unpredictable. I sincerely pray for the health of all our friends in Hiroshima Prefecture, throughout Japan, and around the world.

April, 2022

Kazuhiko Fukushima