Where is the entrance examination held? Do I need to go to Japan?

We conduct the entrance examination using the online conference system, so you do not need to come to Japan.

What level of English language proficiency is required?

We ask applicants to take the entrance examination and submit documents in English. In addition, classes in our school are held mainly in English. Therefore, students need to be able to listen, speak, read, and write at an intermediate level or higher in English.

What level of Japanese language proficiency is required?

Japanese language ability is not required.

What kind of documents are required to submit in the application process?

We ask you to submit outcomes of your studies such as reports, and records of your past studies, so please make sure you have them available for the application process.  The specific materials to be submitted are announced on Admissions page.

Are there any qualifications (e.g., English proficiency, Japanese proficiency, good results on MYP eAssessments, results from other assessment organizations, etc.) that would be treated favorably in the admissions process?

We do not treat them favorably, but they can be used to fulfill required elements of the application.

Do you accept students only in April?


If the applicant meets the eligibility by the end of March, entry will be in April. Thereafter, if the student meets the eligibility by the end of August, the student will be admitted in September. In both cases, the expected graduation date is March.

Is it possible to experience the school and dormitory life in advance?

We hold a summer school at Hiroshima Global Academy every August. This event is an opportunity for applicants to experience what it is like to study and live at our school.

How many students are there in each class?

10 to 30. It depends on the subject.

Are there any clinics on the island? How do you deal with emergent cases?

There are five clinics, and a dentist on the island, which are capable of dealing with normal injuries and sicknesses. Emergency boats and helicopters are available for emergencies.

Are vegetarian or special meals available at Hiroshima Global Academy? Are meals provided on the weekends?

Meals are served daily in the cafeteria, three meals a day, seven days a week, and are included in the dormitory fee. The cafeteria serves healthy and delicious meals prepared in the school kitchen using local ingredients. We are now taking vegetarians and those who have religious dietary restrictions into consideration so that we can offer suitable meets, so please contact us for details.

Can students go off campus? Can students travel or go home on weekends?

Students can go off campus to local destinations. On weekends, students spend time in their dorm rooms, on the playground, in the gym, or studying in the cafetorium. There are also supermarkets on the island, so students can use the bicycles provided by school to go shopping. Students are allowed to stay overnight only at their relatives’ homes. Additionally, the school is also considering using the island parent system, where there is a possibility for students to do overnight home-stays.

Can my parents visit me during the school year?

Parents are welcome to visit throughout the school year. Please contact the school in advance to arrange a date and time for the visit.

Do you have school uniforms?

Yes. The following school uniforms are to be worn for ceremonies such as entrance and graduation ceremonies, and for some specific activities. The spring, fall, and winter uniforms are blazer jackets, and the summer uniform is a short-sleeved polo shirt. It is not compulsory to wear these uniforms during daily classes and dormitory life, except on ceremonial days.

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