Full board dormitory system

Each dormitory house is designed for 10 students from different grade levels and nationalities. The rooms allow for privacy and studying while a shared open living room provides space for social interactions among the dormitory members.

The dormitory houses are secure. Infrared sensors, security cameras, electric lock gates and fences surround the buildings. Entrance is through an administrative building which is permanently tended by staff. Male and female houses are separate and students cannot go freely between the two. House staff are always on duty to support, counsel and guide students.

A typical weekday

Waku-up and preparation for the day, including a health check

Health checks are mainly carried out by the dorm leader of each unit.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

The school nutritionist and her team ensure the preparation of well balanced meals which include local seasonal ingredients.

School life

Students move from one classroom to another when lessons change. Lunch can be taken at the cafetorium or cafeteria.

After school activities in collaboration with the local community

After-school will be an important time for learning at HiGA. Students can participate in a variety of activities, such as sports, music, drama, video production, Japanese cultural experiences such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and Japanese language study.

Bathing, laundry

The dorms are equipped with tradition Japanese baths and western style showers for students to choose from. Additionally, there are laundry facilities available for the students to keep their clothes clean and dried.


Lights out in the dorms are at 10:30. Students can manage their life and academic tasks from 18:00 – 22:00.

Dormitory event

Students will plan and hold dorm events with a focus on global and local festivals and cultural events.