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The HiGA gym is now available!

After an explanation of how to use the gym, students will now be able to use the gym during their leisure time. Students were interested in tackling the equipment for the first time. I hope that…

International students created mural art for a local CAS activity!

Our main aim for this project was to offer more information about these countries, through art. We wanted this to be a representation of the many cultures in HiGA connecting with the local community of Okushi.…

High school athletics competition!

This was the first time for HiGA to participate in a track and field competition. The members of the team had many school assignments, but they managed their time, planned their own practice sessions, and challenged…

World Culture Party!

Kakehashi Project members who visited the U.S. in February planned and organized the event. The students ate dishes from the home countries of the international students in our school and had a quiz competition. We will…

DP EnglishA L&L

The language and literature students were engaged in an activity to compare/contrast two books they have read while answering past Paper 2 questions.

Applications for 2023 second semester admissions

Hiroshima Global Academy starts accepting applications for the 2023 Second Semester Admissions from April 6. Those who pass this examination will be admitted to the school at the start of the second semester of the 2023…

School Infromation Session

HiGA school information webinar

We look forward to seeing you on January 28th, 2023 for our school information webinar. During the webinar, we will be introducing HiGA's school and dorm life, as well as this year's Summer School program. You…

School Information Webinar will be held

We will hold the School Information Webinar on January 29, 2022, as follows. https://fb.me/e/4iCrUDInJ

Summer School

Hiroshima Global Academy 2023 summer school

A quality education at an affordable price ========================== We are a public IB World School with a full board dormitory system ========================== 1-4th August, 2023 | Hiroshima Please apply below. https://higa.openapply.com/apply/forms/46285 ※After registration is finished, you…

Applications for summer school 2022 are now open!

HiGA Summer School 2022 will be held as follows: Date: August 1 (Monday) - August 7 (Sunday), 2022* Number of applicants: 30 (If the number of applicants exceeds this number, participants will be selected based on…

Summer School
School Information Session
Open School