2023 2nd Term Closing Ceremony

On Tuesday, December 19th, we held the 2nd term closing ceremony.

During the closing ceremony, Principal Fukushima reflected on the second semester and gave advice to the students, who are busy with their daily activities, on how to deal with “capacity overload(the state in which a load exceeds one’s capacity)” encouraging them to “Make an effort to gradually increase your capacity and control it well so that it does not become overcapacity.”
He also concluded the second semester by telling them to say to their parents, “Thank you” from the bottom of their heart for their daily support, and to come back to school on the day they return to their dormitories after the new year with a recharged body and hearts and with cheerful faces.

In the student representative’s speech, he reflected on the second semester and expressed their enthusiasm for the start of the DP as well as their aspirations for the third semester.

We hope that all students will have a meaningful winter break and move forward eagerly into the new year.