Entrance ceremony 2024 

On Saturday, April 6, we held an entrance ceremony for 40 junior high school students and 41 high school students.
Although it had been raining heavily until a few days before, the day of the ceremony was blessed with fine weather, and the buds on the cherry blossoms trees were swelling even more.
In his address, Principal Fukushima expressed his expectations for the new students to acquire the ability to cooperate with others and play an active role on the global stage, even in this complex world in which we live. In their pledges, two representative students pledged their future growth and cooperation with their peers.
In the afternoon, the new students had a ceremony to enter the dormitory and meet their seniors who will be living in the same unit.
It was a memorable day for the school, as it was the first time since the school opened that all six grade levels of the junior and senior high schools were together.