High school students from Hayfield Secondary School in Virginia, U.S.A., visited our school!

As part of the Kakehashi Project (U.S.A.), an international exchange program promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, students from Hayfield Secondary School in the U.S.A., which our students visited in February this year, came to our school and enjoyed the one-day exchange program with our students in each grade.

In the Japanese class for G10 (the 1st year high school) students, they chose their favorite words and made original uchiwa (Japanese fans) using calligraphy brushes.

In the lunch break time, Hayfield students introduced their school in Japanese to G11 (the 2nd year high school) students, and the students of both schools danced together.  In addition, they had lunch together and the students who visited the U.S. in February gave them a tour of the school.

In the social studies class for G9 (the 3rd year junior high school) students, they gave presentations to each other on the theme of “What we can do to realize peace,” and engaged in a series of discussions. Finally, they were able to read together the joint statement they had created for peace.

Finally, the participants experienced Japanese culture through a tea ceremony before heading home.  We will continue to promote global exchanges like this from now on.