International students created mural art for a local CAS activity!

Our main aim for this project was to offer more information about these countries, through art. We wanted this to be a representation of the many cultures in HiGA connecting with the local community of Okushi. When we started we thought it would never end, but as we came close to finishing, we almost wanted it to not end. It was a project which included a lot of challenges. We faced many mistakes that set us back, but we overcame them together. Through this process, we were able to connect with each other and the community, as we got a lot of support from them. We were also able to connect to our own cultures and others. There were many things that we did not know, but we made sure that we presented them in a non-derogatory way. We hope that whoever views this can learn a little bit more about cultures from HiGA and also be encouraged to do more research on cultures besides their own. All of these cultures together with Okushi show that we are one and that we are together.