Students visited Oahu, Hawaii

As part of the 25th anniversary of the friendship agreement between Hiroshima Prefecture and the State of Hawaii, our principal and two of our students visited Oahu, Hawaii, from October 9 to October 13.
On the first day, we visited Pearl Harbor, which was a valuable opportunity to think about peace, and on the second day, we visited Niu Valley Middle School and Roosevelt High School, where we observed classes and student council activities at the local middle and high schools. On the fourth day, we visited the University of Hawaii at Manoa to see the vast and natural campus.
We were able to learn a lot through this valuable experience. I learned that it is important to be more proactive in order to engage in high-level discussions and collaboration, and to renew our awareness that we, the students, are the creators of our school in order to help it grow as a better community. I will never forget my gratitude to everyone involved in this visit, and I hope to apply what I learned to my everyday school life and to my life in the future.
Student Representative