Report on an Antarctic expedition by Mr. Minamizako(3)

The third part of the Antarctic expedition! Very specialized research is being conducted daily in Antarctica!
The Antarctic Regional Observation Expedition uses the latest equipment to realize observations in places where people have yet to set foot.
I had never seen such equipment before, including an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) to collect mud from the ocean floor and a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to penetrate the ground with, an observation device containing sensors such as a seismograph and GPS. These new instruments and technologies are great, but the observers who are passionate about “exploring the truth of unexplored places” are really cool, aren’t they? My view of the world is also expanding as I accompany them.
I am also gradually taking on the challenges given to me by the HiGA members.
I am almost ready for the Antarctic class on January 30. I am looking forward to meeting you all!
Antarctic classes connecting HiGA and Antarctica online. We are looking forward to it!