Report on an Antarctic expedition by Mr. Minamizako(2)

The second part of the Antarctic expedition! It seems that observation activities have finally begun.
The 2024 Antarctic Regional Observation Expedition has begun!
The observation expedition has teams that clarify the ecosystem of the Antarctic region and investigate changes in the ecosystem. This time, I went with the Fish team to fish for gizzard fish, and with the Biological Monitoring team to observe mosses and lichens in the Antarctic Special Protection Area. I was overwhelmed by the wilderness of the Antarctic region and the strength of organisms living in such a harsh environment. We had the luxury of spending time doing activities while having a researcher explain about the ecosystem in Antarctica to us.
I will gladly continue to actively work with the observation team members in preparation for the Antarctic class on January 30!
Looking at the photo, I think Mr. Minamizako’s face is burnt. I found out that in Antarctica, there is nothing to block ultraviolet rays, and snow and ice reflect ultraviolet rays, so it is easy to get sunburned.
Fishing and biological monitoring… What kind of activities await us next!? Please look forward to the third part of his Antarctic exploration!