Report on an Antarctic expedition by Mr. Minamizako(1)

Based on a report from Mr. Minamizako, who went to the Antarctic as part of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE), we will be reporting on the activities of JARE.
On November 30, the Shirase (the name of the ship) departed safely from Australia for the Antarctic region!
As the name suggests, the main role of the JARE is to observe and set up in the Antarctic region, but during the voyage from Australia to Antarctic, we also conduct water sampling surveys and monitor the structure and route of the Shirase.
During the voyage, helicopter boarding training for observations and a rice cake pounding contest were also held on board the Shirase!
After spending a little less than a month on board enjoying life with our friends while enduring seasickness, we finally arrived in Antarctica on December 20!
From Showa Station, Adelie penguins, emperor penguins, and petrels can be seen.
Finally, we will start our activities at Showa Base. I will accompany the Penguin Team, Glacier Team, Rock Team, Terrain Team, and Fish Team for observation and research! First, I will get used to life at Showa Base! I’m looking forward to it!
These kinds of stories are hard to come by! Please look forward to more updates on his Antarctic exploration!